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Hello everyone, I am a new member here, I have just uploaded a new model of mine and I have a few ones I would like to talk about trying to improve myself as much as I can !

I am currently working on C4D, with corona render or vray 3.4

here's the uploaded one :

and others :


Posted over 3 years ago

Looks good so far. The only thing i can suggest is to add more previews. 2 or 3 renders but then also screen shots of different angles, on interior for me top view is a must and i never buy anything if i can't see at least a wire frame screen grab as well as a view port solid shaded view so in summery:
1. Renders (2 to 3 but more if the space is complex)
2. Wire frame screen grab showing different views but top is important
3. Solid shaded view - to check if there is any tension in the mesh which needs to be relieved with cut

Hope this helps!

mehdi-harrak wrote
Really helpful ! thank you man

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