Retro Arcade Machine | My favorite 3D model so far :) Can't wait to try it out in a game!

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I had a lot of full planning out and creating this model, and I am really happy with how clean the textures turned out! I baked everything on 4k res textures so this model can also be used in animations. I'm really looking forward to seeing what content people come up, and I hope this can also be a great starting place for anyone who needs an arcade machine for their game, animation, or any 3D project!

Another nice thing is that I kept a lot of areas for logos and graphics. I really wanted to be able to reuse this model multiple times. This also means it's easy for me to create custom graphics for anyone interested in a purely one of a kind model integrated into their project.

As you can probably tell, I am really excited about sharing this model and I hope you enjoy it too :)



Posted almost 3 years ago

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