Realistic Lake!

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Enjoy this beautiful scene, for only $20!

Game Ready


Animated (ripples)


Let me know what you think!!! :D


Posted almost 6 years ago

It's not realistic, it's not textured and definitely not beautiful. Why are u tricking your customers into buying this stuff? Are you actually making any money from your models?
And more, doing something from a tutorial and then selling it is just wrong, unless you give the money to the author of the tutorial which I guess you don't..

joey-blendernut wrote
Listen, it is textured, sand has textures, wood has textures, dirt has textures, and the trees have textures! I'm not sure what your goal is, but please, respect this rule "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say nothing at all!" This took over 10 hrs of hard work to complete, please, don't criticize it :) Thanks :D
RockCreator wrote
If you don't want critique, then don't post your "work" in public. I wouldn't say a word if you had posted this in some beginner gallery or forum or something. But you're asking money for something that looks awful and any average skilled artist would make better thing in 15 minutes. And no, there are no textures, all that can be seen on the images are solid colors. I really wonder what would someone use this model for as it's way under "low quality" and I still think that you're just trolling or trying to make jokes out of this site which still surprisingly tolerates you at one of the top ranks (dunno why).

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