Pimped out spacecraft

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Hello fellow CGtraders, decided to enter
for the Sci-Fi challenge.

Made a supper silk pimped out tuned up ferrari like spacecraft. There's a bit
of Pagani and Ducati influence, also some flavor of Ryan Church and David Levy.

Can't wait to fly in it myself ;-)

Uploaded my entry last minute, it was one heck of a ride to get it up in time, my
bed is going to feel so good now.

Well here it is, check it out and feel free to leave a comment
if you like it (https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/space/spacecraft-sci-fi/spaceship-3d-concept-design)


Posted over 5 years ago

Good job,man.I like it.Nice and clean modeling.
Only if I would,...I would put some metal textures and some dirt maps for more realizam.
Anyway,good job..:)

Posted over 5 years ago

Thank you Martin Cvetkov,

Would indeed like (plan) to add some texture presets (color schemes and so on), so one can decide how he wants it to be, clean or dirty etc.

The plan is to retop the model, make a low poly version of it, bake down the normal's and ad the usual DDO texture look (in texture presets).

Personally I like it very clean, like a brand new sports car or motorcycle photographed in special studio lighting.

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