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you can buy This Scene just 15$


Posted over 4 years ago

"just 115$" :) a "little" overpriced you will be happy if you can find customer for 15$
but Good luck!

bekacercvaze-1 wrote
bro what is best saaller 3d model ? ? what i do to they buy this ? i have sell just 1 model :d sorry for my english
Posted over 4 years ago

:D thanks bro i dont know how much they pay :d know its was 15$ :d

Posted over 4 years ago

I don't know what is the the best way for calculate your price
but I search the similar models example you search for "whisky" and you can see which kind quality works how many dollars
and I try to figure out what is the price what the costumer spend for it
the costumers buy models if the model what is need enough dificult he/she can doing but spare a lot of time if just give some dollars and he can spend his time for his job
Or too dificult his 3D skill
Good example for this the flowers every interior looks better with flowers but enught dificult to made them
So think about how long time you spend for making and how long time make a Pro 3D expert
So this is my opinion but I'm not Pro seller
And I think (but I'm absolutely not sure) the V-ray is the most popular render I think you shuld use it
(and there is the 3DSky where you can download good quality models for free what is a realy big competition)

Ps 2:
Don't worry about your English my is terrible but I'm keep on practising

So good luck again I hope I could help a little bit
I wish you a lot of sell :)

Posted over 4 years ago

Hello Bekacercvaze :

I don't wish to be pessimistic about your future sales, but I think you have very little chance of selling this model:

1- The render pictures are very bad .. too dark, and materials are not enough work (bump, displacement, reflection etc ..)
2- The price is overrated, regarding the simplicity of the model

and 3 - ----> competitors are numerous and talented - take a look at this:

Just my opinion and note that my intention is not to offend you

You should offer this model for free, or work more on scene and improve considerably.

bekacercvaze-1 wrote
hi i know my renders is bad mental ray need so many time my os is 2Gb its low and i cant open v-ray render if u help please help me with v-ray instalation
Posted over 4 years ago

I use an older version of 3D Studio Max, so I prefer using MentalRay than VRay, but actually, if you want to make interesting renders you should have more than 2GB. I have 8GB and i think it's not enough .
But Mental Ray provided very Professional renders , but you have to work the lighting and materials.

Posted over 4 years ago

Well, if you use MentalRay + Hair and fur modifier , 8GB is very just

bekacercvaze-1 wrote
how much money i need to buy ddr2 8g os ?

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