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hey guys this is our 3rd model upload so please guys kindly review it and give your thoughts .

here is the link -


Posted over 3 years ago

If you have tons models in one set you should use a compressed (.zip or .rar) folder or you could put them all in one blend file. It looks cleaner for your buyers and it is a lot easier to manage and upload :)

For your models, make sure your wood-grain lines up and goes the long way for boards. Some of the boards you made would have to come from impossibly big trees! Your meshes look well made and accurate although simple (make your next models more intricate and unique for your buyers). Your textures should be accurate too! People notice those things first. There was some criticism, but it's easy stuff to fix. You know what your doing, just pay attention to detail more, spend some extra time on each model, and also brighten your renders so they look more inviting :) Most of all, keep it up! You'll get an eye for what works and what doesn't the more models you make.

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