My new tire model

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Hello. I have just made a new model. I am just looking for some feedback or advice. If you like the model please like! Click here to view model.


Posted about 6 years ago

More preview images, wire-frame view, clay render.
Find other wheel models out there, compare it to yours and ask yourself: how can I improve? how can I describe it and present it better? is my price reasonable?
A price to low sometimes can be worse than a price to high. Low price on a good model can look suspicious, might suggest that the quality must be bad or something...
Also, what is your goal? Do you want to earn money selling here, or do you do 3D as a hobby and upload it here - if it will sell great, if it will not, who cares.
Because if you want to earn money, do the research before you start working. If there are allot of similar models, the best way to sell at all is to offer a better product, otherwise there is not much point to do it in the first place. If you happen to have a model that has allot of competition, at least present it really well.
If you are a hobbyist and you are searching for help and feedback, finding a forum, a community that do similar things is a better option.

Good luck ;)

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