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Hello guys, I'm enjoying every bit of Its probably the best site out there. I really love how user friendly the site is. Turbosquid is more famous but still I am pretty sure cgtrader will overtake turbosquid soon. It took me hours to upload models on turbosquid and months to sell a model, but its really fast and easy in

Coming to the main matter, I have uploaded a few models, which you guys might find interesting. These models are probably the cheapest anatomy 3d models available on the net. I want you guys to check these models and just give them a like (only if you could understand how difficult it is to model such a thing.)

Any new ideas for making anatomy models will be welcomed.

Joints or Organs along with Musculature:

Leg Joint

Hip Joint

Wrist Joint

Elbow Joint


Knee Joint

Only Joints with bones:

Knee Bones

Ankle Joint with bones

Rib Cage

Hand Bones

Hip Joint with bones

Elbow Joint Bones

Hope you guys like my models, Please Subscribe/Follow me to get my updates in your feed. Dont forget to click on like button above the model. Thank you!



Posted over 7 years ago

Welcome, CoolDude! :)

Posted over 7 years ago

Looks fantastic - great job

cooldude5757 wrote
Thank you Panaristi.... :)

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