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After a few days working on some models, here are a few new ones (Mainly landmarks):

• Taj Mahal

• The Gateway of India, Mumbai

• Tower Bridge - London (Unfortunately I hadn't much time to put proper textures on this one)

• Azadi Tower

• Chichen Itza Pyramid (Also known as Mayan Pyramid)

• Miyajima Tori

• "Mid-quality" Eiffel Tower (A simpler and with lower poly-count than my "older" model)

• Clavell Tower

• Arch of Triumph

And, the other part of the "collection" (older ones):

• Leaning Tower of Pisa

• Cristo Redentor (High-poly)

• Cristo Redentor (Low-poly)

• "High-quality" Eiffel Tower

• Colliseum

Anyways, just wanted to share my "far from finished" collection!

All of them already have some nice discount! Make sure to check it! ;)

Soon there will be more landmarks (probably I'll improve a few of the already posted ones as well)!

Hope you guys like it!



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