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Hi there,

I'm creating some 3d models of food in general... i'm trying to post some paid ones and some free... right now i have much more free models than paid ones..

they all are with an optimized mesh and in C4D, FBX and OBJ format.

I'm trying to post here one model a day, so if you are interested in specific models just ask for them... i'll evaluate the request and if i'm able to do it, i'll post it in my profile!

If you want , take a look at my stuff:


Posted about 4 years ago

Nice depth of field on the renders :)

Posted about 4 years ago

These are pretty good but you have to photoshop them a little more like the food market companies do. They accentuate the colors artificially to make the food look extra fresh and tasty. Right now your food looks organic and natural possibly not very appealing to foodies but once you enhance the saturation of colors and bring out the richness then they become best selling products.
Take a look at how marketing experts sell their products then apply their technique to your 3D work and bam! More sales :)

3dscanreality wrote
hey, I understand and appreciate your help but i was trying to give a more natural look to it... not that plastic look stuff you know..? but i'll try it definitly :) thank you
3dcn wrote
Food companies do have images retouched , but only to match what the final product looks like. Food suppliers to big retailers get to check the images that go on packaging & marketing material & advise on how close it is to their final product. Good studio lighting & professional photography usually get the job done, but there are occasions when things need to be tweaked or added if the recipe spec or content has changed. I know this as it is my day job! Sometimes we have to actually cook the food & check it next to a colour proof under correct colour matching conditions (veiwing booth with D65 lighting) to get stuff to match. The best selling food is the stuff that actually looks like what it does on the pack. I would try to avoid doing too much retouching on your renders & concerntrate on scene setup, but if you do decide to retouch then I would recommend you supply a layered psd with adjustment layers that have the colour adjustments on so a purchaser can achieve the same results you do.
Posted about 4 years ago

Good idea 3dcn!

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