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Hello all! My question is, is there a way or a system to let my type of customer base know that I exist? What I do is sci fi oriented,so my guess is that people who can find good use of my models are indie game development teams,animators,indie film makers.... My thinking angle is that I need them as much as they need me.

My sales have been a bit down lately so I am wondering if there is something i am overseeing here.... what I feel I need is some kind of a built system to help us sellers and customers to meet half way somehow. Any suggestions anyone? Maybe even some non typical approaches to the matter?

Is there an indie gamedev forum somewhere I should show up at? Something that is on the look out for the new teams just starting maybe? I am sure i am blind to many of my options,so anything would help really!

Thank you very much in advance! :)



Posted almost 5 years ago

CGtrader already receives a great deal of traffic, by now almost every CG artist knows this place exists, so I don't think the problem is regarded to traffic or people not finding your work. Most of your models already receive views and you can increase this using social media and popular forums and CG art portals.

You currently convert less to sales partially for following reason (my personal theory, do not take for absolute reality).

If I look at you models they all look a bit same style and same thing, (do not understand me wrong they look very good). But I suppose they appeal to people hoe like/need that specific thing or stile, so maybe try to diversify and create different things and stiles to appeal to bigger audience.

Sci-fi is already a niche, so if you target a niche within that niche, then market segment gets very small (you provide only drones and only in specific style).

Also It looks like you are using a set of kitbash models that get used in most of the designs, wish is good but maybe put that set online for people hoe want to design things themselves.
(that would appeal to other possible audience and expand market segment a little bit)

Also If you create a kitbash set then it is good to create some nice models with it to showcase the potential of the set, but if you keep using it to generate end products then they will lose value and the value of the set itself will also drop.

So best to keep creating new sets and make models of completely divers nature (not to many) to showcase widespread possibility's of the sets.

You can also use the created models as bundle packagers (for model sets) or sell them separate.

If you can create remarkable art with the kits (like you already do) then it will be more easy to get noticed on places like ( or (
But if it get to many of the same things then it will be harder to stay noticed.

In a nutshell, you need to get to broader audience by delivering things that appeal to broader audience. Maybe create divers products for different types of people and the different needs.

If you want to stay in Sci-fi category you can for example produce, texture packs, UI elements, 3D kitbash sets, environment elements, space ship elements, cockpits, facility elements, robot parts, gun turrets, character armor elements, etc.

I hope these personal thoughts can help you in some way.

Iggy-design wrote
I did have few those thoughts myself , I just didnt find them strong enough,and I still find it a bit hard to believe that I had already reached every person on the planet that would need my type of assets. Like..for example maybe a studio was formed 5 minutes ago and we have no idea of each others existance.... But,generally I completely agree with you on all points. And you have given me some very cool approaches to think about,which I hadnt thought of myself. The reason I push so hard on this creative model is that I have no time to often create new stuff,and thus I find myself a bit stuck. I would ,however like very much to one day make this my primary job,with full respect to more rounded diversity in products. And as you have noticed,I would very much like to stay in SciFi /fantasy domain. Thank you very much for the advice and thorough elaboration of the points mentioned. Helped me definitely,and that is what I call true constructive criticism. I will do what I can to follow through it in real life whenever possible.
iterateCGI wrote
Glad to hear my thoughts are valued, you also have interesting questions that are probably on the minds of many young designers. I consider myself in somewhat same situation where we need to make compromises on the time spend between things we love doing or the things that fit in commercial/economic model. Things can get hard if we don't spent enough time on thinking how it is going to fit the economic model. However, time spend on this crucial step does not necessarily mean we totally need to give up on the things we love most, we just need to fit the things we love doing into that economic model so that we can keep doing those things and earn income from it while doing so. I'm convinced that allot of opportunity will come about when VR hits mainstream. There will be lots of demand for artistic expressions as most things in VR are just that. So if you can spend time on thinking how you can serve a bigger artistic community by maybe developing tools, means, parts, techniques, that can facilitate artistic creations and fit in more general ways (fit divers solutions) then that will certainly get appreciated by the community and you will definitely sell more things. Also forgive me pointing out the following. You say " I still find it a bit hard to believe that I had already reached every person on the planet that would need my type of assets" , so you doubt that other artist can find your work easily? If I'm a person looking for a 3d drone, I cannot avoid seeing your models, it can't get any better marketing wise I would say. For example search Google on tags (drone 3d model ) or (3d drone) or (3d drone game model), your models show up top in most cases. ( So reaching target audience is probably not your problem, the people how may need your models can find them very easily, in fact most easily, and most people hoe buy 3D models stick to the platforms they know or do extra search strait in Google, so you are all rely ok on that part.

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