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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have realised that with quality there's always a compromise with money. I wasn't pretty happy with that, so on my page, I have uploaded and will continue to upload the most reasonable and the best quality models everytime.

Thanking You In Advance.


Posted over 4 years ago

Maybe stop spamming?

rahulparmeshwar wrote
I'm just trying to promote my model dude. This is the only way I can do it as i'm currently broke.
drumdorf wrote
This is not good. You're sending spam even on my YouTube channel.
cgmobile wrote
Here must be have one administrator to delete posts like this.....:):)
Posted over 4 years ago

Just 3 tips, it's not an insult or criticism.

1- if you want to sell models have a professional behavior, stop to beg, buyers hate begging.

2 -with three or four medium quality models don't hope to get lot of sales, maybe one by month if your are lucky

3- this model:
have poor quality, and may discredited you, redo it again with other materials.

4- welcome to CGTrader, i wish you happy sales :)

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