3D Medieval House Village Cartoon Kit for Unity!

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Hi :)

My last product! : LINK TO PRODUCT

With this kit, you will able to create nice medieval houses (interior and exterior) for your games!

The kit is a large set of meshes and pre-configured prefabs (with sounds/particles etc) you will find 204 meshes, and a set of more than 265 prefabs.
The kit has NOT been optimized for tablets but for pc and mac.

The atlased textures (3 Diffuse textures and the normal maps) are optimized and provided in 4096/4096 size, to keep a very good quality on pc and mac.
This version is a full PBR Unity 5 version, diffuse, normal, ao, illum, maps are provided.

Creating medieval houses is very easy! You need a house with multiples floors? Build it! A cool set of pre made houses is provided.

The video example map is included into the pack.

Regards, thanks for your reading time :)

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0R4eqv6c-Y


Posted over 2 years ago

Very nice work :)

Posted over 2 years ago


The houses are pre made? Or the kit allow the possibility to create my own house?


creepycat wrote
Hi The kit allow you to create your houses, with multiple floors etc, i made 20 models of houses to help you and to show you how make them :) See ya!
Posted over 2 years ago

Love your houses good job

creepycat wrote
Many thanks :)

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