1/32 scaled model cars

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Hello guys, I would like to launch another new series of design, 1/32 scaled model cars.This will be printable files and the files also able to be used for CNC machining. Hope that model kit hobbyist will like this.

But i don't know what the response will be, so please give me feedback and comments, thanks.

Please see attachments.


Posted about 7 years ago

This is awesome, would you be able to customize them with let's say a name if a customer asks? If yes, please add that to description, I think this could be quite a popular product for 3D printers :)

Posted about 7 years ago

Hello Dalia, for this 1/32 scaled model cars series, currently we not able to make it customized.
For the 3D photo Keyring we can make it customized based on customers' photo.
But here I have a question: how can customer send me their photo? Since we can't post our email in forum.

Posted about 7 years ago

Good point Michel! We'll think how to do it so that the customers can customize.

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