3D Challenge - Fantasy Characters

3D Challenge - Fantasy Characters

Design Challenges is something that CGTrader community has been waiting to be back for a long time. With the greatest joy, we would like to announce that a new 3D Modeling Challenge starts now!

For this challenge, CGTrader collaborated with YAHAHA - a free no-code platform that helps your 3D creation get started easily. Experience and create amazing 3D games using your imagination, creativity and amazing 3D modeling skills.

There’s a visible trend in our community - we can see your high interest in creating fantasy character 3D Models. We truly appreciate that! Due to this reason the long-awaited challenge is all about Fantasy Characters. This challenge is open to all of you, no matter the desired field: both high poly and low poly models can enter the competition.

Important: The prize pool (valued at $10,000 in cash) will be divided into 2 separate categories.

1. The Best 3D Fantasy Model (judged by CGTrader team).

To apply for "The best 3D Model" award add fantasy-challenge tag when uploading your model.

2. YAHAHA Special Awards (judged by YAHAHA team).

To apply for the "YAHAHA Special Award" add yahaha-challenge tag when uploading your model and make sure to register on YAHAHA.

Note: You can apply for both awards with just a single 3D Model. In order to do that, use both specified tags and submit your account to YAHAHA.

Feel free to share your own submissions on social media by adding #CGTraderFantasy hashtag and showcase the art you created! The award winning 3D Models will be showcased on CGTrader's Blog and Social Media.

By applying to YAHAHA's Special Award you agree that in case of a victory, your model will be showcased in a gallery space created using YAHAHA Studio ( non commercial!).

How to join the challenge?

Challenge ended on: 2022-11-14 23:59:59 UTC


Below are the top quality models that were participating in this challenge.