How to make RC car bodies for beginners who like decorating, accessorizing and just trying new things

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Here are some video sample tutorials on how to make your own 1 24 scale and 1 10 scale rc Car bodies by using scrap pieces of plastic, cheap wood or even paper and cardboard you may have laying around the house. This is a green way of recycling and building stuff so it does not end up in your land fills.

The best thing about this project is that if you are good at 3D printing you could make extra cool parts and use this method to mold them together. It is nice to have a dremmel rotary tool and sand paper to finish off the models and give them a good polish. You don't have to if you are going for the junk yard type effect and you could paint over the final version to make it look extra shiny too.

I used some old scraps I found but you could use anything even coke bottle tops even though flat pieces of plastic are easier to work with than rounder or odd shaped ones.

The beauty about these projects is that all you need is a soldiering iron and a bit of patience and you can make just about anything without having to go out and buy a whole bunch of stuff and worrying about ruining it.

For the paper cut outs it is even easier as all you need is just scissors and glue and a little patience and you can have your new body made in no more than 10 minutes.

More videos will be available soon.

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