Cartoon rig for production in Maya

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Hi there,

want to share this rig's overview that I did couple of years ago, is not a tutorial but it shown a lot of interesting features , it is a layered rig that mean that the rig is build layering deformers and blendshape and so on .

Main features:

- IK/FK system (one chain, not using 3 arms/legs system but using only one joints chain)

- Non-roll "unbrakable" system for legs and arms (that mean that you can rotate how you want the animation controls without have any weird result on mesh)

- Reverse foot system (a complex math & utilities node's network to manage reverse foot)

- Fixing blendshape for shoulder/hips (fixing character's meshes adding fixing blendshape managed with driven key controls)

- Face expression with UI

- Stretchy arms & legs + wire deformer with controls

- squash and stretch for body and head

Hope tha you like :)


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