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Heya, I recently posted a new model at 69 dollars, however I have no way of knowing whether this is anywhere near the most suitable price point for such product. Take a look for yourself (I'm not just using this to plug my model I'm genuinely curious)


I've scoured the market place looking for similar products to get a better sense of what to price my stuff at, however I found that the prices vary wildly per product. Can someone who has had success selling such products and has knowledge of the market let me know whether this is a good price, or whether it's way too high.



Posted 10 months ago

Best avoiding any brand names if you can. ESPECIALLY Disney. They will sue you at the drop of a hat lol

Posted 10 months ago

Nice model as far as I can tell. The problem is...the market is full of that type of model and there are a lot of free models on the internet of cars. Cars are easy to make and are one of the first things modellers do make.

If you intend to make a model to sell then I would advise that you jump on the search on Cults, CGT, TurboSquid, 3D Export, RenderHub etc and search for the type of model you intend to produce and check out the prices and come up with an average. If there are lots of that model already then you can either A. Sell it cheap or B. Don't make another one to add to the glut.

The analytics isn't so bad here for checking the number of models of a certain type that are available which gives you an idea whether or not it is worth it or not.

jarratt51 wrote
cheers mate I'll keep it in mind
jarratt51 wrote
Decided to ramp the price down to 39 for now to see if that would help my chances
Posted 10 months ago

It boils down really to the number of models you have for sale.

Posted 9 months ago

Very nice model!!!

jarratt51 wrote
Thanks man, I have more on the way :)
Posted 10 months ago

It's a shame that you decided to lower the price. $69 was very reasonable price for model that is made so well and even has unwrapped UV coordinates. Of course, there's not much chance that the model will be selling well, even if heavily underpriced, because Ka is long time discontinued model, which never was very popular even in its best years, but there's basically no competition for it on cgtrader, so potential buyer would have no trouble to pay for it higher price if he would need this particular model.

P.S. Ford Ka was my first attempt at modelling 3D car, more than 15 years ago. It didn't end well :]

P.P.S. Be prepared that sooner or later your model will be removed from cgtrader, because it is not allowed to sell Ford branded models anywhere else, except one marketplace and it's not cgtrader. Just saying.

jarratt51 wrote
Oh damn, I didnt realise haha. Cheers for the feedback anyway :)

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