How do i know i was hired?

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I have already checked about 3d projects in the tab - find 3D jobs, but there is no anything specific about it actually.
So i just wanted to kno;
-How do i know i was hired by someone?
-How the process of making a 3d project is happening(i already applyed one but not sure i'll be paid(because i wasn't hired i think))
-How to not be deceived by other people who starting the projects, or any tips and triks about it...
Thank you


Posted 6 days ago

You will get a notification and email when you get selected for a project.

Posted 6 days ago

You'll be notified that someone has hired you explicitly by notifications on site and by e-mail. If you didn't receive such notifications, then it means nobody has hired you. Do not make mistake and do not start working on a project until you'll be hired to work on it.

Generally you can feel safe to work through cgtrader, because a client has to prepay full amount before you start to work. It is well worth 5% escrow service fee that cgtrader is taken.

Posted 6 days ago

Clients usually make a first contact with a message making you aware that they are interested in doing project with you. After both of you agree on terms of making the project, client will hire you and prepay the money for project. Prepayed funds will be released to your account when you finish the project.

Sometimes it happens that even the client doesn't know how the system works. I think it was my first or second project... I delivered the product, client thanked me and didn't mark the project as finished to release the funds. In such scenarios contact the support. They will investigate the case and release the funds in your favor if they see the project was actually finished.

The system was made so that both client and worker are safe to get what they agreed upon.
If you don't want to be tricked, do not ask or give e-mail address to potential client and do not do the projects outside CGTrader site. The fee that CGT charges for projects is your security that you will be payed if you finish the project properly.

Posted 5 days ago

Thanks everyone!

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