Do you think this model is bad, I have not had any sales so far

Discussion started by ekhnjari

I spent a lot of time on this model and tried to make it as good as possible, but so far I have not had any sales


Posted 22 days ago

It's been up since March 30th. Perhaps your expectations are a little high. Just because you posted a model, there is no guarantee that it will sell.

ekhnjari wrote
I'm not in a hurry to make money but my model has few views
TazMan2000 wrote
There are a few problems with this site. One is the counters on how many views. However, search "bedroom" and see that there are over 37,000 items that meet that description. How does your model compare with all of those? Especially considering there is no bed.
3DCargo wrote
Just to add to this, ive worked in archviz for many years, bedrooms are rarely required for renders. Mostly Kitchen and Living rooms. Also keep in mind that most people buying a room want to use the furniture, and this room is mostly empty.
Posted 21 days ago

Do not expect too much from cgtrader and 3d model sales in generall.
Instead of making model for sales; Make model for real production and sell them for extra income.

ekhnjari wrote
This is a kind of view, thank you
Posted 21 days ago

This is a kind of view, thank you

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