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Hey guys!!! Created this discussion for people who use for downloading models and mainly do programming.

Today i am sharing a script to achieve enemy follow AI for ur games

1. First is CharacterMovement.cs

public class CharacterMovement : MonoBehaviour {

public float moveSpeed=10.0F;

void Update () {

//Get Input From User

Vector3 input = new Vector3 (Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal"), 0, Input.GetAxis ("Vertical"));

//Apply Force as per requirement

rigidbody.AddForce (input*moveSpeed); //NOTE:- Applying force in fixed update is recommended for better effect because Physics would be applied at fixedrate gives better results

//To Give a Jump Effect

if (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.Space)) {





2. Second is the FollowScript.cs

public class FollowScript : MonoBehaviour {

public Transform Character; // Target Object to follow

public float speed=0.1F; // Enemy speed

private Vector3 directionOfCharacter;

private bool challenged=false;// If the enemy is Challenged to follow by the player

void Update () {

if (challenged) {

directionOfCharacter = Character.transform.position - transform.position;

directionOfCharacter = directionOfCharacter.normalized;// Get Direction to Move Towards

transform.Translate (directionOfCharacter * speed, Space.World);



// Will be triggered as soon as player would touch the Enemy Object

voidOnTriggerEnter( Collider other)


if (other.CompareTag ("Player")) {





Friends add the first script is for ur character, second for the enemy. Should work well, also add rigid body and the needfulls

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