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Hello :)

I am looking for four 3D designers who live in the US. I'm conducting a marketing research on online 3D model marketplaces as part of my Bachelor Thesis and I need four more interviews to complete it.

All you'd have to do is answer a few very straightforward questions during a Skype or Whatsapp call at a time of your choice. It would take only around 20minutes of your time.

Your contribution would help to prompt academic and scientific research regarding the 3D industry through different points of view (marketing, business development and other), start the improvement process of your experience with 3D model marketplaces and help me finish my studies at ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Would you be willing to have a conversation and help a student out?
I would be forever grateful!

My full name is Justina Klimaitytė. Look me up on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.
You can contact me via email -

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