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Does anyone know where one can learn to model antique furniture with all the carved/baroque style details?


Posted about 5 years ago

Hello shnlssl349,

You can try to find your tutorials in these sites:

I'm not sure if they will offer the exact one you need though. Hope you'll find it, good luck!

All the best,

shnlssl349 wrote
Thanks alot man really appreciate
Posted about 5 years ago

It probably would assist knowing your modelling package.
For an odd and fast way of doing some "instant" models download some fonts and extrude them splines into models.
Shape them as you will and your done in.. well it still takes a while but it is a pretty speedy and useful method of making mouldings , architraves and Panelling .
A good font I recommend is Victorian Ornaments... be sure your not just extruding it and calling it a day whole legality of this would be a grey area at best.

shnlssl349 wrote
Thanks alot man really appreciate, I would be working in cinema 4D, you right I could use vectors from adobe illustrator and extrude them then sculpt to shape, that would be quickest.

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