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Hey guys,

Here's a little reminder (as well as an invitation for some!) for you, interested in getting recognition and some free stuff (that's actually not free at all) - our ongoing Challenges:

Winners will be chosen for Best Character and Best Environment models - each category will have a winner and a runner-up. Models must be Low Poly (Up to 50,000 Polygons). There will be two winners for the Best Portfolio as well.

We have quite a few sponsors for this challenge - the prizes include Render fees by FoxRenderfarm, Quixel Suite licenses, ShaderMap licenses, Texture kits by Greyscalegorilla, BonyFace 3.2 Animation systems, Topogun licenses and full versions of Pixplant 3 by PixPlant.


2 Weeks left until CG Wildlife Challenge is done! we're having this one a bit modified - naming three different categories for the competition - Animals, Plants and Environment. Choose the one that fits you best, put your ideas to the 3D, render them and create a memorable and worthy winner!

We're teaming up with FoxRenderfarm (Rendering fees), Exlevel (GrowFX Licenses), 3DCoat (Professional Licenses), Video Copilot (3D Shader Bundles), Dosch Design (Tree Libraries) and CGCookie (Memberships) to bring you the prizes worth fighting for!


Finally, the latest competition: VR Military Challenge There are no categories in this challenge: soldiers, tanks, giant mecha, rocket launchers – anything goes. As long as it is a low-poly (no more than 50,000 polygons) model ready for endless VR conflict, it‘s good to go.

The challenge runs from 14th of March, 2016, to the 30th of May, 2016. There will be one winner and two runner-ups for Best Model award. One winner and one runner-up will be rewarded for Best Portfolio (at least 8 eligible models entered in the contest), too.

But what’s in the loot back? Well, we have computer-bound brighter3d Pro SketchUp Plug-in licenses, AC3D modeling software, rigging software licenses The Setup Machine For Games, Milkshape3D licenses, digital copies (with 5Gb of models) of Animation: Master and Time-Lapse skies (one for best model winner and one for best portfolio) from Hyperfocal Design. Now that is a haul worthy of the mightiest conquest!


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