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Hey everyone, I have been working on game development non-stop for the last 5 years! I just finished a few weeks ago and am now creating what I do Best! I have been modeling for over 22 Years and have a BA Hons degree in Games Design. I have had much work published over the years in film, Books, games etc. but I have worked as a solo developer on 5 titles for the last 5 years and neglected my skills and experience in Sci-fi design, concept, and commercial art.

I have released some new stuff and some are royalty free! Be sure to check out my Models. I will be getting more stuff up over the next 2 weeks then i will be working on some new stuff for release. A lot of stuff I am releasing was designed and modeled many years ago, and with advancements in modeling apps, features and better processing and graphics power, prepare for some awesome new stuff coming soon.

I have extensive knowledge in VR and Released CDF Starfighter back in 2016 as A solo dev and i Released Reficul on Halloween for VR (Survival horror and motion controller only:

I look forward to getting more involved with the community as I will not be working 100 hours a week on games development anymore. Don`t forget to check out my website/ Portfolio: Social links are on my site! Don`t be a starnger!

Big thanks to all those who have enjoyed my work over the years and a Big hello to everyone else

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