Alpha 3D is Back! 3d Game Character

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Alpha 3D thinks that we've hit home base with one of our latest characters!

We've created a character, that can be rigged, and textured, then be applied to any scene. It is a low poly character, so it will go into a game engine, efficiently. 


The image above, contains under 5 thousand faces. It has a very rough surface, and is extremely choppy, but, it is very usable.

This image contains a little over 19 thousand faces. This model is so much cleaner than the last. It offers the ability to be low poly for a game, as well as a smooth surface.

The image seen here contains OVER 50 thousand faces! it is very hi poly, and will likely not operate in your game.

This image, depicts the beautiful, clean topology, (which can be converted to tris) that this model contains.

These are just a few shots of the model... However, we put together a full turntable of the model, so that you can watch!

If you are interested in purchasing this model, you may contact here, email (, or Facebook (


-Alpha 3D

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