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CGTrader's forum is a great place to meet new people in the design world – our forum hosts a friendly and supportive designer community. Feel free to start a new topic, answer a question, or simply read up on what’s cooking: introduce yourself on our General Discussions board, discuss design news, software releases and everything in between.

CGTrader strives to be the most designer-friendly platform, which is why your suggestions and feedback is always welcome. Please do not hesitate to post it on the Site Suggestions board and help us improve the site! Want to find out something about our many challenges? Hop on the Challenge board! If you have any technical questions, or questions related to buying or selling 3D models on CGTrader, post them to the dedicated boards.

Our site attracts tens of thousands of designers who have varying skill levels. If you want to discover and learn something new, visit the Tutorials board. You might also like to get inspired or receive more feedback and exposure for your works by using the Model Showcase board.

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