VR Space Challenge

VR Space Challenge

There's been that little dream in everyone's head - at some point in your life, you have thought about going into space (never mind all the hard training and the experience your body and mind would have to go through). And there's always a kid inside each one of us who would still love that - well, getting into VR Space Challenge is the next best thing!

Your limits are very few. Apart from being a low-poly model (up to 50,000 polygons), all you have to do is figure a space station, a shuttle, a new planet, an astronaut costume or anything else you can relate to space.

We're big fans of sci-fi here, so for all your troubles, we're teaming up with Pixplant, iCube and FoxRenderfarm to have the great imagination paid for its good work. Onto VR we go!

Challenge ended on: 2016-08-08 23:59:59 UTC


Below are the models participating in this challenge. Browse through them or submit yours!

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  • Lowpoly
Sci-Fi Dropships collection 3D model
max, 3ds, dts, ma, mb
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    Currently in this pack there are 100 robot and 3D asset 1

    Awards & Prizes

    There will be 2 winner categories for VR Space Challenge. Awards will be given for the best 3D CG Model or the visualization uploaded during the challenge period.

    Best VR Space Model

    For the 1st place of VR Space Challenge
    For the 1st runner-up of VR Space Challenge
    • $200Render fee by FoxRenderfarm
    • Splineland Plugin by iCube
    • PixPlant 3 Full version for Windows or Mac OS X (Chosen by the winner) by PixPlant
    For the 2nd runner-up of VR Space Challenge
    • $150Render fee by FoxRenderfarm
    • Splineland Plugin by iCube
    • PixPlant 3 Full version for Windows or Mac OS X (Chosen by the winner) by PixPlant

    Best VR Space Portfolio

    For the 1st place winner of portfolio category
    • $250Render fee by FoxRenderfarm
    • Splineland Plugin by iCube
    • PixPlant 3 Full version for Windows or Mac OS X (Chosen by the winner) by PixPlant
    For the runner-up of portfolio category
    • $150 Render fee by FoxRenderfarm
    • Splineland Plugin by iCube
    • PixPlant 3 Full version for Windows or Mac OS X (Chosen by the winner) by PixPlant

    Terms & Conditions

    In order to qualify for the prize winnings, you must agree to terms & conditions.

    Things you must know
    • VR Space Challenge will run from the 31st of May to the 8th of August.
    • When uploading your entry be sure to check "spacevr-challenge" to get your model tagged and counted to the challenge.
    • Cool renderings are optional but we will definitely consider this when judging.
    Things you should know
    • Designs uploaded to the gallery are not treated as valid entries.
    • Upon joining this challenge, you agree that your rendering scene might be used by sponsors for marketing (non commercial!) purposes.
    • The challenge is open to everyone, including teams, legal entities and people from all over the world.
    • You can have as many entry models as you want. By uploading more than 7 entry models you are eligible to enter Portfolio category too.
    • Participating in the challenge and uploading 3D models to CGTrader platform is free of charge.
    • All the entries must be original and not derivable.
    • Employees and relatives of CGTrader and sponsor teams are not allowed to participate in this challenge.
    • Any existing taxes or duties must be paid by the winner. CGTrader is not responsible for any illegal actions taken by the prize winners.
    • We are independent sheriffs of this challenge, so stick to the rules and don't do anything stupid.
    • Got some questions? Have suggestions? Check for FAQ or drop us a line at info@cgtrader.com.


    Below is the information about sponsors and the products that are giveaways for the challenge.

    VR Space Challenge Partners

    iCube R&D Group

    iCube R&D Group brings together leading Russian 3D visualization companies to develop and provide cutting edge and affordable tools for 3D visualization industry. Our team is made up of highly qualified programmers and 3D artists who work together to bring 3D visualization into a new level.

    SplineLand is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max that helps to generate topographically accurate terrains from a set of splines and lay roads. Without SplineLand it is almost impossible to achieve such accurate results in 3ds Max. Now you can do it quickly, in just a few clicks your topographical data in form of splines can become a terrain.


    PixPlant is a smart texturing app with the best tools to quickly transform a photo into seamless repeating textures and 3D maps. PixPlant includes a smart texturing engine and 3D map editors.


    FoxRenderFarm is Rayvision’s overseas subsidiary cloud render platform. It is one of the leading online render farms in the industry. Rayvision Inc. is a global technology company specialized in distributed computing and cloud computing services for rendering in entertainment industry.


    The judging of the challenge is supervised by CGTrader staff. Winners will be chosen following the requirements below:

    Best VR Space Challenge Models

    • Quality of the model
    • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the model
    • Clear and attractive presentation on CGTrader.com

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please go through these questions before contacting us

    Do I need to upload files or only images of my 3D design?

    You need to upload files and images of your 3D design in order to participate in the challenge.

    I don't want to put my entry model for sale. Do you have any suggestions?

    Does earning money from your digital files sounds like a bad idea? Just try to put higher price on it, let's say 300 USD.

    I don't want to loose copyrights on my model after it is sold.

    There are General, Editorial and Custom licenses for you to choose under which you want to operate. Individuals or companies which bought your model can't use it for commercial purposes if it hasn't been changed. So no worries - you won't loose the copyright.

    How can I participate in the challenge?

    Design awesome 3D model for 'VR Space' Challenge and upload it to CGTrader.

    What if I put the required tag on my already published 3D model on CGTrader - do you treat it as a valid entry?

    No. Only 3D models uploaded in the period from the 31st of May to the 8th of August will be treated as valid entries.

    Do free 3D models participate in the challenge?

    Yes, absolutely. Sharing artwork is always appreciated in the community.

    Can I enter with 3D models which participated in other challenges elsewhere?

    Yes. There are no restrictions on publishing and selling your models elsewhere.

    Do price tags play any importance when entries are being judged?

    No. But do not forget that the prices are always judged by the customers.

    I want to participate in the challenge so I am going to delete my already uploaded models and upload them again to meet the "publishing period" requirement. Can I do that?

    No. We are tracking every deleted and uploaded model, so it is useless to drive-through our requirements of the challenge.