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Top 10 Tutorials In August

August 31st, 2016

Top 10 Tutorials In August

We are back again with some more great tutorials to cap off this month. If you liked the previous iteration of this post, you'll like this one too!

#10 Modeling A Golden Fish In 3ds Max by aziz khan

Tired of modeling guns and human characters the whole day? Want a piece of that sweet, sweet animal category pie? Then this tutorial is just for you. Aziz Khan will show you how to model a golden fish in 3ds Max, and you can later spruce up the mesh to look like a manatee or something. I don't go out much and I don't know how animals look like.

#9 Creating perfect circular cutout from a mesh in Blender by firdz3d

Cutting perfect circular shapes out of your mesh might be a paint. Luckily for you, firdz3d is here to help with this short and handy tutorial for Blender users.

#8 Modeling flat nose [truck] 3ds Max by roomiur

For those who like Optimus Prime's alternate identity (the truck) comes a tutorial on modeling those sexy flat nose trucks!

#7 Modeling UV Shading A Chair by k_zwolinski_aka_blenderman

Architectural interior and furniture are categories that are not unlike gaping maws that swallow uncountable models. Naturally, you might feel like you should be throwing your hat into the ring (maw), too. Well, this fast tutorial will show how a sofa is modeled, has UV's done and shaded, from start to finish.

#6 3D Car Polygon Modeling by ali i

Car models are a perennial favorite of both modelers and buyers. And ali i is very good at modeling cars - that's why he wanted to share the knowledge and skill of modeling a Mercedes fast (in a about 4 hours) in a tutorial of his.

#5 Rigging and Animating a Combat Jet in Blender by dennish2010

On the other hand, why ride if you can fly? If you know how to rig a jet fighter, you already have skills valuable to space, aircraft and military categories, maybe even watercraft. So read this tutorial by dennish2010 to learn all about rigging planes!

#4 How to build a game-ready animated Starship by Iggy-design

Space games are awesome, and they're even better if you're playing them on VR. But someone needs to populate those games with low poly starships, and that someone could be you if you watched this Iggy-design's tutorial!

#3 Ornatrix Plugin for 3dsmax by charly 1

If you want to know how to use spiffy plugins that makes work with hair easier on 3ds Max.

#2 Making of Fantasy Castle 3ds Max by roomiur

This is the tutorial that takes a thing that never meant to fly and makes it airborne. Great!

#1 Advanced Custom cloud system using particle flow by cgfriends

Now you will have amazing clouds that kick ass!


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