Creating perfect circular cutout from a mesh in blender

Tutorial posted over 3 years ago
by firdz3dfirdz3d

​Hi, Just a quick tutorial on how to make perfect circular cutout from a mesh in blender. This technique saves me so much time. :) I'll be using blender 2.68 for this tutorial.

Step 1

1. Load your mesh, for this tutorial i'll be using a simple plane subdivided 2 times.

2. Enter 'Edit Mode' and select the face that you want to cut. Subdivide it 2 times as shown.

3. Still in 'Edit Mode' , hit SPACEBAR and type 'to sphere' or hit SHIFT + ALT + S . Drag your mouse away from the 3d cursor.

A perfect circle ! Now you can delete or extrude the created circle. This work on whole mesh too.

Have fun :)


gengoaoi wrote
Thanks for the help w Blender.
jayanam wrote
This method leads to N-Gons which you don't want to have
atonyscott wrote
Thanks. This is just what I needed to help with speeding up my production times, with certain models
lml46 wrote
Thanks. Nice tutorial.
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