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Top 10 Tutorials On CGTrader

July 26th, 2016

Top 10 Tutorials On CGTrader

We made the call and the community answered! You simply flooded us with a variety on tutorials on various 3D modeling related topics (and one on planting shrubberies). But which are the Top 10 tutorials on CGTrader? Well, here they are!

# 10 Photorealistic Rendering: Vray and Mental ray by jamiec

Simply rendering stuff is easy. Making it look like it's photorealistic (and fitting for a hundred "can you guess if it's real or CGI" posts) is a whole other thing. In this helpful and detailed image tutorial, jamiec will show you how to set up lighting and other things so that even your simple scenes would look like they were plucked out of reality.

#9 3Ds Max 2017 - New UV mapping features with tutorial on how to unwrap character by jona marklund

Have you gotten your hands on 3Ds Max 2017? Are you thinking about getting it? Well, if you are planning on doing texturing on the newest iteration of the program, you might want to take a look at this video tutorial by jona marklund. It not only guides you through the new UV mapping features, but also leads you through the unwrapping of a character.

#8 3ds max: Creating a “Velvet/Suede” finish with Vray or mental ray by jamiec

Jamiec is back again, and this time, he's teaching you how to get those velvet or suede finish effects on Vray and Mental Ray. The tutorial is filled with annotated pictures and goes into deep detail. Follow its advice and soon you'll be modeling pants like there's no tomorrow.

#7 UV MAPPING MADE EASY! UV unwrapping tutorial for Maya 2015 / 2016 / LT 2016 by James Taylor

If you're a Maya modeler or an aspiring Maya modeler, you would do well to spare 15 minutes for this video tutorial. In it, James Taylor teaches you how to unwrap models in multiple releases of Maya and how to do it with Maya 2015's bonus tools.

#6 The Gift Shoes by nchequeiq

Here's a guide showing how a talented modeler made a scene showing the desk of a man who makes shoes from computer parts. Each major step of the way is detailed!

#5 Mudbox 2015 HEAD and FACE sculpting, detailing, and painting tutorial by James Taylor

Heads and faces are what trips up a lot of miniature designers (not that I would know anything about that), but it doesn't mean that 3D modelers should suffer as well! James Taylor presents you with an another video tutorial that tells you all you need to know to sculpt, detail and paint heads and faces in Mudbox 2015.

#4 Model a Female character in 3dsmax and Zbrush by Christopher Parnian

We have no tutorials on picking up the ladies, but Christopher Parnian is sharing an video-and-image tutorial of the workflow he uses to quickly create female characters. Mind you, this workflow works when you already base meshes of objects like the head, boots and pants ready, since you're "just" sculpting them into cool objects.

#3 Making of "Another Sky" by tigersfather

If you have ever dreamed of creating a scene with a WWI fighter plane (and if your blood is red, you have), then this tutorial is what you need! While it doesn't explain every nitty gritty detail (the author assumes you know how to model), you will learn about smoothing, texture masks and a lot more!

#2 3Ds Max 2016 & Substance Painter - get your skills on! by chamferzone

Senior designer and regular badass Tim Bergholz is here to share some wisdom with everyone who wants to make game ready models. In this tutorial, he guides you through making a game-ready model of grenade and textures in 3Ds Max 2016 and Substance Painter.

#1 Optimizing scenes in 3ds Max | Part1: Geometry by garagefarm

So you want to render a scene, but it would take an ungodly amount of time or you're lacking ram altogether? Never fear, the pros from garage farm are here with a tutorial on scene optimization in 3Ds Max, and how to deal with geometry.


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