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CGTrader launches a competition for bloggers interested in design

May 15th, 2017

CGTrader launches a competition for bloggers interested in design

Watching the concept of design evolve is like a great movie. Once there was a time when people even had a real definition for it: for example, Oxford English dictionary defines design as “a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made”. But does it really capture the complexity and variety of contexts the term is used in? 3D, interior, fashion, graphics, web, industrial, product, urban… all these words can be (and are, often!) followed by the term design. It actually seems there are only two things clear about it. The first - it encompasses sort of creativity in solution. The other - the area is evolving rapidly in both scope and depth that it is nearly impossible to track where design is going in various areas and how these diverse fields relate.

Therefore, CGTrader is calling for all the bloggers interested in design (whatever area or form of it) to join the conversation about the future of design - and designing for the future. We believe that bloggers are the experts who can and should be voicing the insights into the field they are passionate about. We want to challenge all creatives blogging about design to share their insights into “Designing for the future: tricks and trends we need to consider now” within the field usually covered in own blog, be part of broader discussion of how the future of design looks like, and win great prizes along the way. We have seen some amazing submissions in our first essay competition and in a currently-running student-focused essay competition, so why not ask "what does the future look like" those, who are even closer to design.

Wondering how you, as a 3D designer, could help? Simply by spreading the word and sharing this competition with your friends and acquaintances. We are sure that everyone has this one friend, who is a master of word and is constantly looking for thought provoking ideas to write about, or maybe you have your own blog? The competition is open till August 1st, 2017 and all teh submissions get a chance to compete for great prizes provided by CGTrader, Promenade Themes, Elegant Marketplace, PHPbits, and JobMob.


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