21 Nov 2023

CGTrader 3D Printing Video Challenge

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Announcing the CGTrader 3D Printing Video Challenge: Bring your favorite 3D models to life

In collaboration with our esteemed partners, Prusa and FormFutura, we are thrilled to announce our latest challenge for all 3D printing enthusiasts and creative minds!

Challenge Theme

Select from a variety of 3D Print Ready Models on CGTrader’s marketplace, whether paid or free, and bring them to life through 3D printing. Document and share this exciting process in a video on YouTube.

You also have the option to enhance your project by painting, customizing, post-processing, and assembling the model, or by demonstrating it in innovative and interesting applications. Remember to include a link back to the CGTrader models you've used in your video description.

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Our Partners

FormFutura: With a commitment to sustainability and quality, FormFutura stands out in the world of 3D printing materials. They offer a diverse range of high-quality filaments that cater to various creative needs, from standard PLA to advanced composites. FormFutura's participation brings an exciting dimension to the challenge and we are thrilled to have them as a partner.

Prusa: A leader in the 3D printing industry, Prusa is celebrated for its innovative and reliable 3D printers. Known for their precision and ease of use, Prusa's products are a favorite among enthusiasts and professionals alike. We are thrilled to have Prusa's support, expertise and involvement in our 3D Printing Video Challenge.

The Prize pool

Participants have the chance to win a range of valuable prizes. The prize pool includes the highly sought-after Original Prusa MK4 Printer, Prusaments, substantial cash rewards provided by CGTrader, and a huge selection of premium FormFutura High Speed Filaments. Winners will also benefit from exclusive discount codes from FormFutura and CGTrader credits.

Please note, due to customs limitations,some prizes restricted to EU recipients will be awarded to EU-based honorable mentions if top winners are international. International winners will be able to claim our big cash prizes along with discount codes and credits.

How to Participate

  1. Choose your model: Pick your preferred 3D model(s) from CGTrader, free or paid.
  2. Print and capture: Print the model(s) and capture the process! You can also choose to paint them, post-process or refine them.
  3. Share your story: Upload a video of your journey to YouTube, highlighting the transformation of your chosen model into a real-world masterpiece.
  4. Link back: Remember to link back to the CGTrader models in your video description, guiding viewers to the origin of your chosen models. Make sure to also mention CGTrader in the title along with the hashtag #CGTraderPrintChallenge.


Judging for the 3D PRINTING Video Challenge will be conducted by CGTrader staff and our partners from Prusa and FormFutura. Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Print Quality: Looking for prints with smooth surfaces, crisp details, and solid structure.
  • Creative Touch: We encourage personalization and creative modifications to your model.
  • Color and Finish: Impress us with your painting or finishing skills and techniques.
  • Innovation: Show off unique uses of materials or printing methods.
  • Community Engagement: The response your video receives (likes, comments, etc.) may also be considered.

The focus is on fun, learning, and exploring the limits of 3D printing creativity!

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