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On the forefront of licensing branded content: CGTrader partners with renowned US designer Stephen Burks

February 24th, 2017

On the forefront of licensing branded content: CGTrader partners with renowned US designer Stephen Burks

Partnership with Stephen Burks marks a new stage for CGTrader in licensing branded 3D content

February 24 th CGTrader is officially launching a licensing-focused partnership with one of the stars in the US furniture design space Stephen Burks. Stephen Burks, who is running his own Stephen Burks Man Made design studio, received the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in product design and beginning in 2015. As of January 2017, Stephen is designer-in-residence at the A/D/O.

Licensing digital content has never been easy in any medium – digital image sharing has stagnated till Creative Commons has been introduced, music and video content appearing online had its own challenges. The problematic of 3D models licensing is still not fully clear and is just taking first steps in ensuring IP rights. However, co-operating with designers like Stephen Burks we can proactively move towards democratization of CG market in which all creators from initial idea authors to creatives incorporating that work in their projects get acknowledged and share revenue.

Stephen Burks, the principal at Stephen Burks Man Made and artist-in-recidense at A/D/O

CGTrader is extremely happy to be working with Stephen and helping him to transfer his furniture collection into a digital world. "We are always very eager to work with innovative, open minded creatives, who invest time and energy in understanding the technology and contributes to shaping it. Stephen’s work, motivation and personality simply match values and ideals of CGTrader. From the very early days CGTrader has been focused on building a simple and convenient platform in combination to building an open community for designers " - says Dalia Lasaite, CEO and co-founder of CGTrader.

The current collection of Stephen Burks Man Made 3D models on CGTrader includes pieces from his Senegalese and TaTu Collections. In addition to simply having branded content licensed and available online, Senegalese collection perfectly encompasses the meaning and importance of the fusion of real and digital worlds. When creating Senegalese collection Stephen Burks worked in Africa with local craftsmen and women, whose collective memory is the only source of the Senegal’s traditional art including shapes, colors, and textures of everyday objects. With digital items from Stephen Burks Hand Made Senegalese Collection, studio wants to encourage architects and interior designers to incorporate these details in their work, and themselves look for authenticity and ideas related to African culture. Having the items on the CGTrader platform makes those accessible in creating realistic virtual environments further spreading of the core idea behind the collection.

Stephen Burks Man Made Starburst Lamp

For CGTrader this partnership is an important step in broadening the designer community and ideas floating in digital space. “At CGTrader we have always promoted and appreciated limitless creativity and unique artwork designers bring to platform. A vast options for usage of those 3D assets broadens the audience who actually sees the model. But there are a lot of original work and ideas that are currently only present in the physical world, but that could be of a huge value for those in computer graphics. Therefore, bringing designers like Stephen Burks aboard not only enables other to use his work but also is a first step in diminishing the distance between the real and digital” - says Dalia Lasaite, CEO and co-founder of CGTrader.

The launch of this partnership has been marked with a panel discussion "Who owns the future (of design)?" featuring Stephen Burks, representative of CGTrader Ginvile Ramanauskaite, and Janki Gause and Marcus Moore of Source3. The recordings of the talk covering the burning questions of IP of digital design, licensing, building open designer community in the new era will become available online shortly.

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Join the upcoming Panel with Stephen Burks: Who owns the future (of design)?

February 23rd, 2017

Join the upcoming Panel with Stephen Burks: Who owns the future (of design)?

Who Owns the Future (Of Design)? With A/D/O Designer-in-Residence Stephen Burks.

Most of what we know of as design today happens without resulting in a physical product.

Nearly every design related industry and profession trades in digital files, including product design, graphic design, gaming, interiors and architecture, yet for some reason most designers see data as part of the process and choose not to acknowledge its independent value as intellectual property.

In fact, most designs are not protected in the digital realm, a seemingly alternate reality that rivals the physical world in terms of design users.

In an open discussion from the forefront of proprietary data in the age of computer generated files, platform distribution and design for digital production, we will attempt to find out, who owns the future?

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3D design heaven: TOP countries and designers rocking CGTrader in 2016

January 25th, 2017

3D design heaven: TOP countries and designers rocking CGTrader in 2016

We often talk about globalization, but there is likely no other industry that is so united and global as computer graphics. With technical knowledge accessible online and the digital nature of 3D artwork, there is no surprise that any creative person in any corner of the world can get recognized and rise to the stars. At the same time, there are traditions and strong designer communities demonstrating consistent development over the years.

This year has been quite eventful for the 3D artist. From creative models for games to models being designed for augmented reality, the market has expanded exponentially. The most recent data from CGTrader unveils that 3D designers came from 128 countries to CGTrader in 2016. On the other end - customers purchasing 3D assets represented 113 countries in 2016. This is not the whole world, but CGTrader team will definitely try to get Vatican City engaged in 2017. And before that, let’s look at what countries were the most active last year... and by the most active we mean uploaded the most models to CGTrader.

In 2016, Ukrainian designers were leading the rank on CGTrader closely followed by 3D modelers from Russia. Ukraine and Russia has always been known for strong CG and game developers communities with a number of annual CG events taking place (there is even kind of a brand “CG Event” with its great low poly chilli-pepper as a logo and series of events across countries). There were also a number of US designers joining and contributing to the platform, which has long tradition, HUGE and well integrated CG market.

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Use Social Channel Sharing To Your Advantage

October 5th, 2016

Use Social Channel Sharing To Your Advantage

Social media has taken over the world and we can’t simply ignore the fact almost everyone has a few different accounts on a whole variety of social channels. This is why we moved to improve our own social sharing opportunities so that your artwork could reach new people and make a better impression. Here’s a little bit on how your models will look on social media and why you should share them.

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Royalty Structure Change

August 29th, 2016

Royalty Structure Change

Hey there, honorable readers, artists and customers! Changes are a-brewin on CGTrader and we have an important announcement to make. It’s about one of the most significant things (after creative freedom and artistic integrity) for our modelers: the royalty structure. We have several reasons why we’re implementing this change, and all of them have to do with improving the future revenues of our wonderful collective.

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