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24 Apr 2023

Introducing AI-Powered Long Phrase Search

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We are excited to announce that our 3D model search algorithm has been AI-enhanced with the goal to make it easier and faster for you to find exactly what you are looking for - introducing AI-Powered Long Phrase Search. From now on you will be able to get more accurate and relevant results by describing the 3D model you are interested in.

A more accurate and faster way to find 3D models

At CGTrader we are always striving to improve your experience and make it as efficient as possible. Long phrase search enables you to use 4 or more words to describe the 3D model you want. This provides a more focused and precise search, giving you results that truly match your requirements. Not only that, long phrase search eliminates manually searching through pages of results, saving your precious time and making your experience on CGTrader even more efficient and seamless.

Improve your search with detailed phrases

With long phrase search you can now utilize the power of detailed descriptions to narrow down your search results. By providing more information, our advanced search algorithm can better understand your needs and deliver the perfect results for your next big project.

Examples of how to use long phrase search effectively

  • Instead of searching for “flowers”, try “a bouquet of flowers”
  • Replace a simple search like “tree” with “tall oak tree with many branches”
  • Upgrade your search from “robot” to “retro robot with steampunk elements"

Give long phrase search a try today

Ready to give it a try? Head over to CGTrader’s marketplace, search for yourself among millions of available models and find the perfect 3D models for your exact needs. Remember to include 4 or more words in your search and let the magic happen!