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CGTrader introduces CGDream: Advancing 2D image creation with AI and 3D models

November 14th, 2023

CGTrader introduces CGDream: Advancing 2D image creation with AI and 3D models

Greetings CGTrader community,

We are excited to introduce you to our latest innovation, CGDream - an application that produces unique 2D images by combining the power of Generative AI and 3D models. Unlike traditional generative AI applications that tend to generate different images every time, CGDream offers unmatched control over image composition by using 3D models to guide the design. This enables users to define the composition of the image, precisely execute their artistic vision and even use their own 3D models to generate various visuals out of them.

3D to Image: The technology at the heart of CGDream

CGDream uses 3D to image to provide users with enhanced control and precision in AI-generated content. It is a simple yet effective approach that allows anyone, even users without a technical background in 3D, to generate customized 2D images using 3D models from CGTrader’s free model library, with premium models coming in the future, or their own uploads.

CGDream works as follows in 4 simple steps:

1. Choose a 3D Model: Start by selecting a 3D model. This could be from CGTrader’s free model library, with premium models coming in the future, or from your own collection.

2. Set Up Your Design: Set up your scene in CGDream’s 3D viewer. Manipulate the 3D model by shifting its position, zooming in and out, and setting your desired camera angle.

3. Describe Your Image: After the scene is set up, describe in simple language what you want your final 2D image to look like.

4. AI Generates Your Image: CGDream follows your instructions and brings your vision to life, producing a 2D image based on the 3D model and your description.

CGTrader introduces CGDream: Advancing 2D image creation with AI and 3D models 1

In short, CGDream makes creating unique 2D images using AI simpler and more precise, while giving you control over the final result.

New opportunities for 3D designers

At CGTrader, we believe that AI can be utilized in a way that empowers and benefits artists, creating new business and growth opportunities. When creating an image in CGDream, 3D models serve merely to guide the composition of the image, and not as data for AI training, offering transparency and fairness to designers.

Moreover, CGDream allows designers to present their 3D collections to an entirely new, broader user base—creators lacking technical 3D skills. It enables anyone to use 3D models to realize their artistic vision, even without expertise in 3D software. This strategy introduces 3D models to a much larger mainstream audience of creators, marketers, artists, hobbyists, and generally anyone with a creative idea.

CGTrader will soon be offering designers the option to sell their models to CGDream users, thus creating new opportunities for designers to monetize their premium model collections. As buyers can only use the 3D models in CGDream but not download them, it presents a great opportunity for designers to profit from their premium model collections and earn additional income while protecting their intellectual property.

Designers interested in monetizing their models with CGDream can join at

Use cases and applications in a variety of industries

CGDream’s versatility can enhance creativity across many industries. Here is how it amplifies creative workflows:

Product Design and Prototyping: Quickly generate product variations using just a simple 3D model. Experiment with materials, colors, and shapes to speed up your workflow.

Lifestyle Scenes Visualization: Set up dynamic scenes with your 3D models and showcase them in various scenarios simply by detailing them to CGDream. Produce compelling visuals that appeal to your varied audience.

Architectural and Interior Design Visualization: Bring your architectural and interior designs to life with a basic 3D model and some inventive prompts. Adjust your projects in real-time, exploring countless layouts and decor possibilities.

Marketing and Ad Content: Create captivating marketing content using your 3D models. Perfect for digital ads, social media campaigns, product catalogs, or website content, CGDream can level up your next campaign.

Stylized and Concept Art: Explore limitless artistic potential by generating stylized and concept art from your 3D models, unveiling design possibilities never seen before.

Discover these, and many more practical applications ready to supercharge creative workflows of professionals globally, integrating 3D to Image technology seamlessly into everyday practices.

Visit CGDream and start creating

As we venture into this new era of design, we invite you to join us. Whether you're an artist, architect, product designer, game developer, AI enthusiast or simply someone who loves to create, CGDream is your gateway to limitless creativity.

We can't wait to see what you'll create with CGDream. Try it out now!

Beta available at


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Models upload is a feature that is coming very soon to You will be notified once it is available.
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