New Tutorial: Model a nested dodecahedron for 3d print

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In this tutorial I show how to easily and quickly model a fully connected, concentric dodecahedron nest, as a solid, printable object, using the Named Selection Sets feature in 3dsmax. The techniques shown here utilize basic polygonal modeling principals, and default modifiers and tools. Using the parametric hedra primitive, we start with a simple truncated dodecahedron, and use edit poly to procedurally build the finished shape.

Hope you find it useful. Be sure to check out some of the other videos at my channel for both 3dsmax, and Blender! Thanks.

Update! I've uploaded a Blender version of this tutorial as well. This video will walk you through the creation process for a nested dodecahedron math model, using Blender 2.75 or higher.


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well done

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That's Ni..i...ce

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