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I've uploaded a free model of a beer bottle about one month ago & it's been downloaded on average once every 2 days. I'm starting to think maybe I should start charging for this model & make another product that's not getting too many views a free one.

Can anyone offer advice on this?


Chris Nicholls (3DCN)


Posted over 4 years ago

That is by far the worst way of getting views.

CGT has a dedicated part of the site where only free stuff shows up.

Unfortunately that part of CGT is only looked at by free loaders. No serious buyers look at it. So the views and downloads you have been getting are not helping you see what the actual buyers are looking at.

The CGT staff explained that if you want your artwork to be seen it is better to make it pop up on their pinterest page because actually real buyers with money look at that.

Putting free models up makes us sellers feel good about ourselves because we think we are actually getting views from people who matter and are going to buy are products but actually that's not true and so you should test it out for yourself.

Change the settings and try selling the model now. One of two things will happen because I have tried it.

1. The people who really wanted to buy it already have it and do not need it.

2. It will no longer appear in the free section of the site so your views will tank.

Either way it does you almost no good.

You are far better off finding personal clients and patrons of the arts who are looking to buy your models than putting them up for free hoping that you will make more money.

3dcn wrote
Thanks for the comments, it makes sense as in the past I have done the same thing when I needed a quick solution for a scene. I put a free model up so people could see the quality of my work, but I will use the pinterest route in the future.
Posted over 4 years ago

You are very welcome!

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