What should pricing really be based on??

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So, this is one question which I have been trying to get the right answer to for a while now so I thought why not just ask it here...

The question is: As a seller, what should you base your product pricing on, should it be how much time you spent on it, or how much it would cost to create one, or maybe even how much of a benefit it would be for the buyer. Or should it be based on the availability of similar products on the marketplace. I would really appreciate feedback. Thanks :-)


Posted about 1 month ago

In ideal world (utopia) it should be based on expected revenue or it could reflect (time) costs of model creation. Maybe this worked in 2010 very well.
Nowadays the main aspect is competition. If you will create model of "Iphone 13" and set the price to 80$ your model will be probably never sold - you should set average price (or slightly higher) of specific model category.
So your aim should be to do original (unique) models with low competition in other words try to find gaps in 3D marketplaces catalogues.
If you will create unique model or model with some additional value (extraordinary quality/complexity, unique texturing style or unique design concept) then you can make pricing strategy based on expected revenue or time consumption with model creation.

Posted about 1 month ago

I agree with zabotlama. Your model has to stand out in either price, quality or rarity to justify a higher price.

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