what's up with the red or green price marks

Discussion started by yaschan

So it seems to be that products that cost more than 10 dollars have a red price tag while those less than 10 have green. Why?
Should we all start to sell our spoons and forks individually?


Posted almost 2 years ago

It has noting to do with the amount, the discounted prices appear red as to distinguish them from undiscounted ones.

Take for example a look at my account (https://www.cgtrader.com/iterateCGI)
I have no discounts currently and all is in green as you can see ;-)

yaschan wrote
Oh, very good sir! That explains it!
LemonadeCG wrote
Actually it has something to do with the amount. Models priced under $15 are not eligible for loyalty dicounts, but in sales events every model is discounted, despite its price. At least it used to be so when i was still in those programs. Things might been changed since.

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