What really sells models is presentation and top quality renders

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In the past people were all about really good quad geometry and poly count economy but it seems that things are changing.

These days it looks like the industry is mostly interested in presentation.

I have been researching all the various online store platforms over the years to see what tends to sell the best also by blogging and getting people's 10 cents here and there.

What I have concluded is that presentation and rendering is what sells your models.

I have seen plenty of second rate models structurally flawed with odd triangulation and 6 sided faces non manifold issues sell and it was all because of the perfection of the renders that were hiding all of the flaws.

Also the over all presentation and look of the model is important.You need to make sure people know the specs of what you are selling.

I noticed that non textured models with average renders do not sell anymore. Even though it is all smoke and mirrors but buyers want to look at finished products that are already well packaged when it comes to 3D and everything else.


Posted about 3 years ago

That's probably true if the final purpose is for still images used for visualisation work. I don't have too much experience with rigging & character animation, but odd triangulation may cause issues.

It could be dangerous though to allow models with flaws onto the marketplace, as being an experienced photoshop user myself I know how easy it is to retouch out geometry errors. If sellers do any retouching to their presentation renders (ie photo filters, adjustememt layers etc) they should say so in the description. All of my renders are as they come straight out of vRay.

The more information a customer has, like lots of different angles & wireframe renders the more likely they are to buy in my opinion.

Posted about 3 years ago

Yes your are 100 percent right 3dcn bad geometry is terrible when it comes to organic rigging. So when people create characters they have to be careful especially around the joints.

Yes having multiple renders using wire-frame is a great way to help buyers determine the quality of the geometry.

I noticed that on CGT starting pages only really high quality rendered models show up.

You never see any really cool original low poly or high end game art.

It is nice that they sometimes put up some cool 3D prints but they seem to promote art that is technically great but lacks true originality because it is a perfect reproduction of someone else s work.

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