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Hi all,

I'm looking to improve my models (both on the modelling side and on my posting) and just wondering what the first thing is that people look at when deciding whether or not to buy the model?

What makes a good model/posting and what things should I avoid?

Thanks for the feedback!


Posted about 2 months ago

You should include pictures with wireframes.

Posted about 2 months ago

Use plugins, for example:

and other similar ones that allow you to speed up the workflow.

This tool it will also be useful and at least avoid gross mistakes.

no1nja wrote
How does the color contrast analyzer help to improve modelling?
jaguarbeastproduction wrote
One of the questions was what to avoid. Contrast analyzer will help you choose a good correct background, avoiding problems with high or too low contrast. A well-chosen background is no less important than modeling skills.
Posted about 2 months ago
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3DCargo wrote
agreed, thats not how this works
fakhrodin-nastari wrote
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Madness continues:
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Well, fakhrodin-nastari is banned.
It's not clear what he was hoping for, probably really was sure that it was not spam. :)

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Hi, I am also no expert but here is what I would suggest:
- Improve modeling like jjaguarbeastproduction already said and also materials (in the description you write realistic material but it's a bit overrated I would say)
- Make also more complex model - Since most of your models are not very complex most people might think they could do that model quickly by themselfs.
- Lower the price for very simple models or put them in a collection (like stool and chair)

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