Texturing a realistic human?

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I have been trying to create my first realistic human male for a game I’m working on.

The mesh looks really great, but every time I’ve tried to paint the textures on, they don’t look right.

I’m using blender, and some free human skin reference photos for the chest and back.

Is there any specific “right way” to texture a realistic human?

If you have any tips, please let me know!



Posted over 1 year ago

Hmm painting in 3D isn't a simple thing to explain in a few lines.
You need to be more precise, give details and renders, screenshots...etc

Did you try to watch tutorials on Youtube ?
Maybe paying some from Udemy or Skillshare ?

Posted over 1 year ago

I think that the essential thing for a render to look photorealistic has to do more with the lighting of the scene and the lights, more than the textures, but it really helps a detailed texture.

Posted over 1 year ago

in a blender, the result is very good and realistic will soon begin to do the same people

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