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Hello, lately I sell very little, I have never sold much but currently it is crazy, only one model in a month. This matches a negative in one of my models. Does a single negative really affect sales so much? Can any resentful person end up with my CGT future sales with just a negative?

This is the model rated with a negative:


The reasons:
1. Too many polygons. These polygon counts are unwarranted. This model is useless to someone who wants to modify it.

2. Was unable to open MAX file because it required VRay plugin.

3. Price is quite steep.

All info is specified in the model details, everyone knows what is buying before do it, I think this model not deserve the negative rank at all but, anyway, my cuestion is about the incidence of this negative on all my future sales.



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I think that it is only week spring season for sales. My sales also completely disappeared in april and may, my last "non zero $" month was march with 3 sales. And I think your ratio of positive/negative ratings is very good so I suppose it shouldn't have any influence on your sales. There are many big artists with high reputation with not so good ratio and with more negative ratings. But it is only my opinion I have no experience with ratings (I have only 1 positive so far).

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Thank you, your answer was very useful.

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Same for me, usually sales drop around this period.

Probably no link with that negative comment but probably better pay attention to it and make the model better and wright comment below it saying “have reworked the model and took care of the points, provided it to user for free” or something like that.

The density of the polygons is indeed very irregular and not that logic, the user could have see that in the wire frame preview so not completely valid complaint. Most would probably not get the model after watching those wire frame previews regardless the negative comment?

Rendering and textures do look great, I would make low poly retopomesh and bake those textures and provide it as a game model, probably would sell 10 times better.

I believe if you do bring it to market as an offline rendering model it would sell better if it would be sub-d ready.

Price for such model is ok but curent product has some technical disadvantages.
The thing is you better avoid combining collapsed sub-d meshes with regular meshes, instead combine the lower level mesh and make the regular mesh have support loops so they do not get round after applying meshsmooth. Then you can combine all meshes and apply one meshsmooth modifier to the model and have everything work out fine, that would be the situation most would want to have with this type of model. Also do not forget to remove or disable the modifier before exporting to OBJ.

About Vray plugin, it would indeed give a warning but the file usually still opens after ignoring it.
Anyway, to avoid problems you better always provide a completely native 3d max file setup with default scanline just in case, and mention in the description that it renders different results.

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I think there are more sales in summer because people starts to get ideas for what they want or don't want (video games, movies.. etc)
It is what I see with my dashboard tho

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I think that your negative rating (which is pretty unfair IMHO) and decline in sales is just pure coincidense. It would be really bad if CGT would penalise for one negative rating so badly. As others already noted, it might be just this time of the year or some random fluctuation. I myself noticed some negative tendencies in my sales right after new dashboard introduction a month ago, but luckily it seems that sales are recovering now.

By the way, one sale per month is unacceptably low for the collection of your size and quality level. I would definitely would try to dig deeper and analyze what's wrong and what could be improved.

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Thanks to everyone

I´ve just optimized the gramophone GEO using polygonal modeling tools and the result looks very similar (almost the same) I´ve also submit a version without plugins, scanline render.

The old one:

The new one:

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Yes, I noticed that too. The strangest thing is that I have better sales this month on Turbosquid, which never happens...

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Ts could temporary benefit from latest move to price guarantee but in long run CGt has the better deal for the artist and the community as a whole. Whatever you do, do not go exclusive on Ts for some short term gains, keep supporting better terms and a more open community.

To the non exclusives that did drop the price on their work, ask yourself this question, do I want people to buy my work here? Then make the conditions optimal for having it that way, having them priced the same is not part of your optimal conditions, they are however optimal for Ts. Then again, do you want what you want or are you fine only Ts gets what it wants?

Support what you really want and get what "you" really want.

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How are the sales going for you this month?

zabotlama wrote
The last 3 months are very bad without any sale. Really depressive. I had sales only on other markets last months.
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This month for me is the worst of this year so far, I wonder if all holiday season is like that, maybe someone with a better experience could tell how it was in the previous years?

LemonadeCG wrote
For me this June is on the slow side too, however i'm not worry too much as usually sales does pick up eventually. Regarding sales history, for me usually it is like that: first third of the year is the lowest, second third is significantly better and the last third is the best. It is like that three years in a row, let's see if this year will be different.

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