Should I start selling 3d models?

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Hello to everyone

First of all I apologize for my bad english

I have been working with 3ds max for 2 years. Now I want to get the maximum 3ds income.

Is it worth wasting my time?

I design animated characters and cartoon houses. My models will be high quality and beautiful.

Do you think you can earn a good income?

Can I earn 300-400 $ a month?

For example, how many times can I sell an animated character per month?


Posted 21 days ago

Hi there,
Please start uploading Models. Please Follow The Cgtrader Rules Like Don't upload your and make sure your model Not stolen models and if your models have a quality and good price . I not say very cheap . Like for animated character price is between 90$ - 130$ And also depend on your choice . you can earn more then 400$ . yes CGT Is a best selling platform .

xxdarach wrote
Thank you very much for your reply
Posted 21 days ago

And Also sorry for my english

Posted 21 days ago

I mean Please not sell stolen models .

Posted 21 days ago

No other information and advice?

xxdarach wrote
I would be happy and grateful if everyone has someone whose knowledge and opinion will answer different questions.
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Hello xxDarach,

I've been uploading my models for only 2 weeks so I don't have a lot of experience but I've been asking the same questions than you to a lot of people. What I've learned is that it can take some time to get to the 400$ that you want but the best way seems to do your jobs and have fun and then sell them to have some side income.

xxdarach wrote
Hello Firstly, thank you for your reply I spoke with the turbosquid employee yesterday and she said that if I have about 20 high-quality models, I can make $ 400 a month. I work and get a monthly salary of $ 250.My salary is not enough for me, so I want to earn extra income.I'm investigating if I can make money by selling 3d models for extra income. Well, have you ever been able to sell it?
achille-pasquier wrote
I don't know if a turbosquid (cgtrader) employe is the most partial person to answer the question :p but it gives some hope
Posted 21 days ago

It takes a lot time to model and do renders, put it in different softwares so I see it as a long time investment

xxdarach wrote
I wish it to be useful for us all
achille-pasquier wrote
I have choosed not to model for cgtrader I just do my project and when I have free licensing on them I sell them
Posted 20 days ago

The CG market is too too random in general, so saying things like "If you have 20 HQ models you will earn 450$" is funny, add to that, that's what TS employee said it's even more funny... sure... you can earn 450$ no acutally you can earn 1000$... with their royalty rates and prices... Every single model on TS you can find on other marketplaces for lot less because peoples on TS are trying to justify their income because of the TS greedy royalty rates. Long story short there is no guarantee for anything in CG bussines world, there can be a month where you sell models every day and after that months that you have 1-2-3 sale at best or no sales at all (I don't count projects). So it's up to person to decide what he/she want's to do, is it waste of time or not, is it profitable or not. If person decide to go for it and start selling models he she will face two (in my opinion here on cgt)main things: competition and unnecessary competition. To gain sales you have to first beat competition (competition=legit artists) by creating "better" assets than anybody else (just by looking at model section that you are interested in, you can instantly get picture how better you have to be and in some cases that's MUCH MUCH better) when you "achive" this than you have to beat unnesecery competition (thieves) who sells very very very HQ models stolen for 5$, so no matter how good you are it's hard to fight against this because its a waist of time to model HQ model so that you can sell that at 5$, so artist must get "creative" and "creative" is topic for some other time.

xxdarach wrote
Thank you so much. You have been very helpful
Posted 13 days ago

I've been selling on here for a little while now. I'm not even close to $400 a month, but I can give you some advice.

1. Upload New Models Consistently / More Models = More Sales
- Quality should always come first, but you should be aiming to upload a decent amount of new products over the course of a month. Sales (especially organic sales from the site) are few and far between. The best way to increase sales is to increase the amount of items you have for sale. Again, quality is your chief concern, but if you can produce quality products, your next big concern is producing a lot of them.

2. Price High, Sell Low
- You want to make $400 a month. Here's a simple guide to get you there.
$400 = $1 product sold 400 times.
$400 = $4 product sold 100 times.
$400 = $40 product sold 10 times.
$400 = $100 product sold 4 times.
$400 = $400 product sold 1 time.

If you PRICE HIGH you can still reach your goal SELLing LOW quantities.

3. Failure is Feedback
- You may upload models that simply don't sell. Don't quit, until you've fully determined why you aren't selling. There are a couple reasons this could happen.
1. Quality of Model. You need to be realistic about the quality of your work. Look for forums and communities where you can get honest critical feedback about your work.
2. Quality of Product. Just because you have a good model doesn't mean you have a good product. Make sure you have good renders, descriptions, tags, etc.
3. High Competition. Some models get over done. If your model isn't selling, there may just be too many of the same model.
4. Low Demand. If people aren't looking for what you are selling, you're not likely to have a lot of sales.

If the problem is that the quality or your models simply isn't good enough, you may not want to waste your time uploading them. This can be a time consuming process, and your time may be better spent elsewhere.

All in all, if you have decent ability making 3D models, I definitely recommend that you sell them. With the right models and the right prices, you can reach your goal, but be realistic about what the process looks like.

Hope this helps!

xxdarach wrote
Thank you so much. You have been very helpful

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