Realistic dinosaur high res

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Checkout my model here

Realistic dinosaur high res

is it very realistic or need some more work ?

and what about the price you advice me with


Posted about 2 months ago

It looks detailed and realistic, but not quite photorealistic. The lighting of the render doesn't do it any justice, especially against a solid white background. I'm sure it could look even better with more proper lighting. I would also show a few renders with the model in an environment, and perhaps include some wireframe renders to show off the topology.

chemso59 wrote
wow thank you for this precious information , i use HDRI for the lighting and ill try to render it in an environment, thank you .
luxxeon wrote
HDRI is always a great tool for lighting. However, when creating product images against a solid white background, I would choose an HDR image that is either very subtle or intended for use with product renders. For example, a studio environment HDR with only white lights or softboxes. Use more diffuse lighting when showing off models against white backgrounds so that you avoid harsh shadows or dynamic tone changes on the model. If you want to use more dramatic HDR lights, then make a few renders against a suitable background environment. Try to match the background to the lighting so that the model looks like it fits in that environment. It's just more pleasing to the eye and will help buyers see your model in a better way. Always include some wireframe renders too, because some buyers really care about topology, especially if they are going to use the model for animation. Good luck!

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