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I'm rather new to the CGtrader community and I noticed a number of copyrighted materials for sale. I was just wondering if this is actually ok to do. I'd be pretty worried about making money off of a protected IP but that's just my gut feeling. Is there a loophole I'm not aware of?

I just feel like the most a buyer could get out of it would be your own personal use that couldn't be published. Which totally happens albeit rarely. Just trying to wrap my head around all the rules/boundaries when it comes to creating art to sell on this site. 


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It is just like selling fan art and something you really shouldn't do but yet people still sell content they don't own the rights to. Some IP owners don't care. They see it as advertisement. Others are very protective of their work and legal issues can ensue. If you want to sell something in relation to an existing IP, post it with an editorial license. If you are still not sure, post it as a free product in addition to an editorial license. As a free product, IP owners at most will ask to have it taken down if they wish for you not to post the product. If you are selling something and making money off of it without permission, legal acts can occur if the IP owner doesn't want the item to be sold.

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I am also new and I browsed just couple of pages and sow something what look just as an Evermotion forklift model. Now if it looks like that one it dose not means it is a stolen property. First thing the modeler cold have use the Evermotion model as a reference and modeled a new one which looks quite similar, second if for example you model a chair design from some catalog, there is quite a big chance that someone else will model it too, and there is quite big possibility that they will look the same.

I am shore that admins here can not check every model we upload, but you need to be a very retarded person to try to sell here someone else work, as in order to receive money you have to leave your identity info and you can go behind bars for some small amount of money. In my country you risk from 4 to 8 years, it is not worth to serve time for 50$ :)

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Well, let's raise this topic again.

Not so long ago, I accidentally noticed that one of the models was blocked and I did not receive a warning about this.
Dear SG Trader team, I understand your zeal in subordinating to copyright laws, but let's consider the following aspects of your actions.
You are blocking the model immediately and not letting me know. That is, if the claims of the copyright holder relate only to the logo in the picture - after all, this can be fixed.
I do not mind, block the model and send an alert about the conflict of the parties.
I will correct the violation and put the model on sale again.
After all, we are mutually interested in profits? is not it?

The fact that you repeat as a parrot - "we are not obliged to notify" does not do you honor. You have 7 checkboxes in your personal account settings to send various notifications.
You technically can not solve this problem - as an alert for any problem with the model?
That is, I have to go to the site every day and calculate my models - which ones are blocked and guess why it happened?
Are you in kindergarten or what?

If you claim that the blocking of the model occurred because of the indication of the copyright holder - but I'm sorry - why do I see other models of these brands?
Are you claiming that the copyright holder directly pointed to my model?
Then let's solve this problem and not delete without notice.
After all, we are mutually interested in sales revenue? I am right or wrong, or we, as suppliers of digital goods, no longer interest you and our voices mean nothing?

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