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I publish my models to the website but when I go to check my models out to make sure it's working, they don't show up, I publish it at second time , and nothing happened. At 3 times after publishing i saw this error Something went wrong... We can't recommend you any tags , and none of my models pass


Posted about 2 months ago

I had the same problem(s) over the past week or so, and my models showed up eventually after a few hours. If they are not visible instantly under "My Models", the problem is on CGT's side. You wait for 3-4 hours, if the error still persists you write to support.
It seems to be happening during sitewide sales.

Posted about 2 months ago

Same, yesterday - today is online

3dmeshes wrote
P.s. open a similar post and copy and paste a tag, then it should recognize the others
Posted 27 days ago

It happened after I posted more than 5 models at a time. Since then I haven't posted more than three at a time and all seems good. Maybe its quantity ?

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