Discussion started by skapricorn -- user get my free model and tryes to sell it without changes.

I modelled this ring for fun and shared it for free. I think that model MUST be free. If somebody want to get profit, I see only one way: that "somebody" should modify source model and renders or produce that piece in metal or plastic physically.

Source free model:


Posted over 4 years ago

That's not plagiarism, that's STEALING. Even if your model is free, it does not mean that one has rights to sell it or distribute for free, unless you explicitly allow to do so.

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naughty school children

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Ден, напиши админам письмо.

skapricorn wrote
Безусловно "Report item" оформил. После этого копия из ассортимента этого человека исчезла. ))
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That is so wrong. I recently saw a user was trying to sell a free tutorial model that was from Autodesk's site. I reported it and it was taken down.

Get in contact with customer support and make sure they have the links too. That is so low of someone to steal your work. Regardless of whether it's free, it's your work, your time and effort put in. I cannot stand people taking credit for someone else work.

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