Is it possible to buy models using my sales

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Currently I have $70 on sale and don't wanna wait for next month to get money.

Is it possible to buy models using money from my sales


Posted 9 months ago

Hi there,

That's an interesting question to be honest. Sadly, no, we don't have that kind of feature at the moment.

Eddie, CGTrader

realitystudio12 wrote
Can you add this kind of feature? :) Thanks.
Posted 9 months ago

I was wondering about that some time ago too. That would be more convenient for one who buys and also beneficial for one who sells. The latter should get a little bit more money from sell, because there wouldn't be transaction fees involved.

Posted 9 months ago

Join to the question:
what do not you like the money, that I earned from you on sales, that you do not want to accept them as a payment for the buying the models?

Posted 8 months ago

I'm also interested in something like that. It would be a good option.

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